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For long-distance touring by bicycle, motorcycle, car, or plane, you can take a GPS receiver along to help navigate, and to record what you find.

Mark the sights and turns along the way, calculate when you'll get there, or decide how practical a side trip is.

There are now products available combining simplified electronic maps with GPS to guide you to a destination. This sort of guide is available on some new cars, or as an add-on to a personal computer (DeLorme "TripMate" and others).

Wild Rose gpsMaps are usually more detailed, less expensive, and more portable than these GPS/map devices. They're a bit less interactive, of course.

If you'll be using GPS with a map during your travels, why not have a custom map to refer to along the way? If you record the journey with a GPS receiver, you might enjoy a souvenir map when you get back.

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