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Business Applications

For an outdoor-related business, we can combine maps, text, and graphics to make a park or campground map, or a brochure for river-rafting or fishing tours.

A direct-to-the-public grower or a hideaway bed-and-breakfast will often include a map in their brochure.

Printing is available, or you can get a computer file in many different image and drawing formats. Computer data lets you print, modify, and customize as you wish.

If you take pictures or video outdoors, a Wild Rose "picMap" can help you remember where each scene was taken. Just bring along a GPS receiver to mark where and when you found each picture. We can then put a name, time, or picture on an inexpensive custom map.

Of course, there are thousands of business uses for GPS and maps. If these pages suggest something new to you, please let us know if we can help.

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