Golden Gate Bridge, CA

The picture and map show the Golden Gate at about the same scale.

The center of the span is shown as a point called "GOLDEN", with the location indicated by a gold box, and the name above it. Some GPS receivers limit the number of letters for location names, or put everything in CAPITALS, but the maps we make do not have these restrictions.

The middle of the bridge is about 37 degrees, 49 minutes, 11.2 seconds North, by 122 degrees, 28 minutes, 39.3 seconds West. This can be abbreviated 37°49'11.2"N 122°28'39.3"W, or you can use decimal degrees: 37.81977°N 122.47759°W.

The same location in the Universal Transverse Mercator system is UTM zone 10 S, 0545980 meters "Easting" by 4185742 meters "Northing", or UTM 10S 0545980E 4185742N.

For a location to be useful and accurate, we specify the datum used, which is NAD27 CONUS.
There are discussions of coordinates and UTM later on.

The "technical" bridge pic above is available with no map.
A "travel brochure" picture of the Golden Gate appears on the "touring" page in the "adventures" section.

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