gpsMap rates

Test Plot $9 - -
Quick Plot $19 $9/pg -
Full Plot $29 $18/pg $9/pg
Custom Plot $39 $29/pg $19/pg
Our gpsMaps are quick, convenient, and affordable. Some jobs may require a custom quote or estimate, but a quick e-mail, letter, or call will show how affordable your project can be.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and do not include sales tax or special shipping. Be sure to read our Outdoor Safety information, and the Guarantee & Service Agreement.

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Printed Maps

Our standard gpsMaps are "photo-quality" color ink jet prints, on letter-size paper (8.5x11 inch - 8x10 printed area). For legal-size paper (8.5x14 inch - 8x13 printed area), add $5 per page to the above prices. We can also print on glossy, water-resistant, or laminated waterproof media, and tabloid size (17x14 inch) maps are available.

Larger maps are priced according to the finished map size: 80 square inches equals one page, at the per-page rates shown above. Large maps are usually made by "tiling" pages together, with seams which are not particularly noticeable.

Large-format seamless maps can be made with a poster printer. Prices start at $20 per square foot ($60 minimum), and include a tiled "proof" for your approval. For more than a few copies, we can arrange printing, or send you a computer data file.

Computer Data Files

Computer data files by email or diskette are included in gpsMap Rates above. Our high-resolution image files are usable with many drawing and publishing programs. If your map is destined for the world wide web, let us know and we'll adjust the resolution and format as needed.

We can send you our original, layered artwork in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator format. This can be useful if you'll be changing the text or pictures, or doing your own printing. These files can be too big for a floppy (>1300 KB) or e-mail (>5-10 MB or so), so you'll need to add $20 per Zip disk, and specify Windows or Macintosh format.

Ordering Information

As you can probably tell, there are plenty of choices you can make, but only few things that must be included with your order. The most important is your coordinate data: the locations ("waypoints" or "benchmarks") and/or trails ("tracks") you wish to plot.

Fill out an order form to go with your coordinates. You can also include a description of the map you are expecting. Be as detailed or as brief as you like. You can also send a hand-drawn map to supplement or replace GPS data.

We'll Test Plot your data, confirm the area of coverage, map scale, and price, then custom-build your gpsMap and send or e-mail it back to you.


Terms & Delivery

We expect you'll be pleased with your gpsMap, in fact it's guaranteed. You can return the finished map and owe nothing.

We'll send an invoice and return envelope with your gpsMap, and payment by check or money order is due within 30 days. Ongoing or contract jobs may have different terms.

Time needed to complete a job can vary widely. A fair amount of work goes into each job, and we must begin with a proper Base Map. Rush service is usually available, and a Replot over an existing base map can often be done within a day or two.

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