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Forest Spring

Touring cyclists travel far and wide, often with a road map tucked away somewhere.

Mountain bikers can usually leave the road map behind. Off-road, you need a topo map and compass, a friend who knows the area, or a good sense of direction and time to be adventurous.

GPS makes it easy to find or remember a destination, map an unmapped trail, or document an extreme workout.

Many small GPS receivers have a handlebar mount available. Trail or route mapping is fun and quick with a GPS-equipped mountain bike.

Newer GPS receivers can perform well even under tree cover, especially at bicycle speeds. Gaps between the trees allow a satellite to peek through often enough to maintain a "lock". Beware of "2D" mode, which can cause errors of 1/4 mile or more.

Later, the section on GPS covers how to collect the best data for different styles of maps.

We can make a map of your trails, or a brochure for your bicycling event from descriptions, drawings, or GPS tracks.

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